SolarQuip have been running solar and storage training for over ten years through TAFE’s and registered training organisations, and as non-accredited training for the Smart Energy Council. Currently courses are held at our training facility at Moora Moora Coop in the Yarra Valley, Melbourne (Mount Toolebewong). The facility includes over five training rooms with most of the latest solar and storage technology. Check out our blog for more examples.

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  1. Hi there,
    I’m an electrician with CEC accreditation in Design and installation of Grid Connected PV systems. I’m looking to complete the endorsement for battery installations ASAP and wanted to know if the current course you are offering will give me that endorsement?


    1. Hi Gareth

      Currently I’m only running the Master Installer Certification training course.

      Most installers who do the course are generally only wanting the skills and knowledge to install solar + storage systems and be exposed to the latest storage and inverter products.

      Since batteries don’t create STC’s then there’s no need for CEC anything.

      More information below:

      You can enrol at:


      For more information about the Master Installer program, check out:



  2. hi there,

    I’m student of renewable energy school and I very interested in your training program but is there any real practice to wire pv modules? because I have already studied photovoltaic, grid-connected pv sys & stand alone pv sys but I dont have any real experience of connecting the system.

    1. Hi Helmi,

      Yes, indeed. The four day “Solar + Storage” course that I run for the Australian Energy Storage Council is 50% practical. The students work in small groups of 2-3 and build their own projects which include: hybird; stand-alone; PV MPPT charge controllers; battery banks etc…

      Check out my solar blog for photos and examples of what students do on my course at: http://cleanenergy.org.au


      1. Hi Mr. Glen,

        To whom can I ask for a Letter of Invitation (Original) on “Solar + Storage” training which will be held on September 19 – 22? It is necessary for Australian Visa requirements.

        Engr. Cris C. Fernandez to attend from VIVANT Corporation with address at Ayala – FGU Center, Cebu City, Philippines.

        I believe you can provide me one, as soon as possible.

        Thank you.

        1. Letter of Invite in progress.

  3. Hi,
    I’ve an overseas electrical engineering certificate “Power&machines ” and a 3 years experience certificate from engineer Australia made for immigration purpose, i want to study and work in PV Systems but i have no experience in this field, So:
    1-How would this course help me?
    2-Am i getting any certificate after completing this course to find a job with it?
    3-Is this course makes me eligible to work in that field as a designer, developer or installer?
    4-Would that course makes me ready to complete a diploma or any other studies?
    Thank you so much and sorry for asking many questions.

    1. Hi Mina

      Thanks for your enquiry. This course forms the core competencies of the Australian Energy Storage Council’s “Master Installer” certification program. Currently this is only available to registered electricians but we hope to offer a similar certification to designers too.

      This course would give you a good understanding of the options and configurations available for solar and storage systems used in the off-grid and hybrid (on-grid) market.

      At the completion of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance.

      To work in the solar and storage industry as a non-electrician, no particular qualification is required by employers would most likely be looking for evidence of training and or experience.

      If you chose to do some formal studies (diploma or advance diploma of renewable energy) – then this course would give you a good working knowledge of how these systems are implemented.

      Check out my latest training video for a feel for the content:


  4. hi guys,

    Just wondering if I did this 4days battery course, I would be eligible to get the necessary credits for CEC battery design accreditation?

    1. Hi Jonathan

      No the Energy Storage Council’s four day “Solar + Storage” course doesn’t contribute to any CEC accreditation. The ESC have our own battery certification program called “Master Installer”. This course is the core competency of this certification. You can read more at http://solar.org.au/


    2. Hi Jonathan, this course delivers the core competencies and practical experience for the Energy Storage Council’s “Master Installer” certification. As batteries create no STC’s then no CEC accreditation required. Glen

  5. Hi Glen
    Im looking at enrolling in the April Solar storage course. My aim is to design and install my own off grid system at my farm in SA (with help of electrician friend). I have basic 12v knowledge and wish to improve on this. This appears to be the most suitable course you guys run for my aims? Also, I noted course costs includes accommodation. Is there a no accommodation option?

    1. Hi Cameron

      Thanks for your enquiry. The accommodation and meals are really only offered for convenience. If you choose to stay elsewhere and eat elsewhere then I’d be happy to deduct $250 from the course fee.


      1. Thanks Glen, Ill take the accommodation option. I tried to enrol in the solar storage course but it doesn’t allow me to add it to the cart. Only the Hybrid course is available??

  6. Hello,
    I am a Nigerian living in Nigeria. Can i apply for the Master Installer Certification training course? Send all the requirements via email if I’m eligible.

    1. Hi Ugochukwu, yes you can apply to become an Australian Solar Council Master Installer. Go to our website: http://solar.org.au/ and you’ll see the outline of the training. The key component is the four day practical course. You can register here at: https://shop.solarquip.com.au/product/esc-hybrid-training-course/ – Glen

  7. Hello admin.
    I Wish to enroll for the course running on tue 30th may.
    Can I put down a deposit & pay the rest before it starts.
    Furthermore, I live in Healesville so wont require accommodation or meals.

    1. Hi George, Yes you can. Just enrol and choose Direct Bank Deposit and put down a 30% deposit. There is a 10% discount if not requiring meals and accommodation.


  8. Hi , I’m a A grade Electrician thinking of moving into the solar power field with no prior knowledge or experience .
    Does this course have Nationally recognition and do you need a further course for the use of battery back up so that you can offer complete off grid systems .

    1. Hi David, The four day practical course, “Solar + Storage” is NOT a CEC accreditation course and doesn’t issue any statements of attainment for nationally recognised units of competency. The course is the core of the Energy Storage Council’s “Master Installer Certification” program. You will see from the posts on my solar training blog at http://cleanenergy.org.au/ that it has a very strong practical focus and students get to work with all the major brands of off-grid and hybrid systems. Glen

  9. Hi admin,
    I am looking to do a course in off grid solar. I have a large property in Tasmania and want to to go totally off the grid. The problem I am finding, in getting someone to specify my system, is that they are generally only interested in the sale of their particular range of products. I have found that my ability to get my head around this area of knowledge a “mine field”.
    I have a background in electronics, so I am not a total “dodo”. I need upskilling so as I can make an informed decision before spending 50K + and then I need the ability to maintain and troubleshoot my system in the event of any issues.
    Do you run a course or courses that would enable me to fulfill the above? If not would you kindly suggest another organization I could go to?
    Thank you,
    David Harper

    1. Hi David,

      Yes, I can help. We have two courses that would suit you. A four day 50/50 mix of theory and practical (full residential with meals and accommodation included); and a two day theory only course with no accommodation and lunches only supplied. I have had many “prosumers” do my courses for just the reasons you have outlined. They want to be informed and in control. You can register for these courses at http://shop.solarquip.com.au/ – Glen

  10. Hi again admin,
    I note that in the previous comment I have entered the wrong email address.
    I have corrected it below.
    David Harper

    1. Hi David,

      Yes, I can help. We have two courses that would suit you. A four day 50/50 mix of theory and practical (full residential with meals and accommodation included); and a two day theory only course with no accommodation and lunches only supplied. I have had many “prosumers” do my courses for just the reasons you have outlined. They want to be informed and in control. You can register for these courses at http://shop.solarquip.com.au/ – Glen

  11. Hi Glen. I’m a bit like David Harper up there, in that I’m researching solar for a personal project, a tiny house in my case. Your courses seem a bit hard core (and expensive) for what I’m doing, which is to educate myself so that I can design and deploy what will be by most standards a fairly small system. Can you suggest any training avenues at my level? Do you perhaps run any other (cheaper) courses that might suit someone like me?

    1. Hi Jeffrey, Thanks for your comment. Yes, I do run shorter courses: a two day non-residential theory only course for $950; and many one day workshops from time-to-time around Australia for $33/66 including lunch. Check out http://solarquip.com for details of my courses.

  12. I am interested in doing a design and connect course but I couldn’t see your company in the list of registered training providers on the Clean Energy Council website. Does your course cover their requirements for registration ?

    1. Hi Tim, thanks for the question. No, we don’t run CEC accreditation courses. Our courses focus on contemporary industry skills and standards. Glen

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