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Microgrid Design Course 24-25 January 2024

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Course Title: Designing Microgrid Solar and Battery Power Systems
Delivery: Recording of online training course

Course Description:
This online course consists of two four-hour sessions designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of designing microgrid solar and battery power systems in compliance with AS/NZS standards. Participants will learn the essential concepts, principles, and key standards related to microgrid design.

Session 1: Introduction to Microgrid Design and AS/NZS Standards (4 hours)

Module 1: Overview of Microgrid Systems
– Introduction to microgrid concepts and applications
– Benefits of microgrid systems
– Key components of microgrid systems

Module 2: AS/NZS 4509.1 – Stand-alone Power Systems
– Scope and purpose of AS/NZS 4509.1
– Compliance requirements for microgrid design
– System sizing and load analysis
– Battery storage considerations

Module 3: AS/NZS 4509.2 – Remote Area Power Supplies (RAPS)
– Scope and purpose of AS/NZS 4509.2
– Design principles for remote area power supplies
– Inverter and converter selection
– Monitoring and control systems

Module 4: AS/NZS 5139 – Electrical Installations – Safety of Battery Systems
– Overview of AS/NZS 5139
– Battery technology and safety considerations
– Battery installation and maintenance guidelines
– Risk assessment and mitigation strategies

Session 2: Microgrid Design and Implementation (4 hours)

Module 5: AS/NZS 3000 – Electrical Installations (Wiring Rules)
– Introduction to AS/NZS 3000
– Wiring and cabling standards for microgrid systems
– Earthing and grounding requirements
– Electrical safety and protection measures

Module 6: Key Features of AS/NZS 4777.2
– Understanding AS/NZS 4777.2 and its relevance
– Inverter requirements and standards
– Grid interaction and synchronization
– Anti-islanding protection

Module 7: Microgrid Design and Integration
– System design considerations
– Microgrid topology and architecture
– Integration of renewable energy sources
– Grid-tie and off-grid configurations

Module 8: Energy Management and Control
– Energy management systems (EMS)
– Control strategies for microgrid operation
– Load shedding and demand management
– Monitoring and diagnostics

Course Duration:
Each session is scheduled for four hours, with short breaks as needed. The course spans two sessions over two consecutive days, allowing participants to absorb and apply the knowledge effectively.

Note: Given the condensed format of this online course, participants are encouraged to review the materials provided in advance to maximize their learning experience. Additional resources, readings, or reference materials may also be provided to support the course content.


Wednesday 24 January 2024
Thursday 25 January 2024

The course includes all presentation resources and training materials.

Cost AUD $285 (GST incl.)

Registration by payment of the course fee.