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SolarQuip Meetup

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  1. Hi I am interested in learning more about tiny houses and off the grid systems. I would be very keen in participating in a workshop.

    1. Hi Angela,

      Thanks for your enquiry. Currently we focus our training on solar PV plus battery storage in general. The Tiny House is one of the system at my training facility and an example of how to deploy a very small off-grid system.


  2. Greetings All,

    This is Abdul, a current postgraduate student at Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy Engineering, UNSW.

    I would like to ask about the details of the ESC Hybrid Training Course. Is there by any chance a course breakdown for each aspect that will be covered; both for theoretical and practical parts. Also, could you please provide a contact information so that I can call and discuss any further enquiries, if any.


    1. Hi Abdul,

      Thanks for your enquiry. The structure of the course is roughly 50/50 theory and practical. There is a strong emphasis on putting into practice the theory that we cover. At the core of the theory is the basics of how to size a solar PV system to a customer’s load requirements and an energy storage system to supply power for a period of time without renewable energy inputs.

      The course is run at my off-grid community (Moora Moora Coop) where I have built a large training facility. Here’s a little aerial drone movie of the site:

      You can get a good “feel” for the facility by watching one of my training videos first. Here’s one on retrofitting battery storage to an existing solar PV grid-connected systems.

      Feel free to call me on 03 5909 2992 to discuss further.


    2. Hi Glen, I enrolled for Hybird training program order no 491
      can you please send me info such as location, time and accommodation requirement.

      1. Hi Ali, Thanks for your order. Yes, I will be sending out the pre-course notes shortly including a map and what to bring. Glen

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