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What’s new in the training room

Introducing hybrid and off-grid inverters from Glen Morris on Vimeo.

A brief introduction to: the Redback Smart Hybrid inverter; SMA Sunny Island off-grid inverter, SolaX Power Hybrid (EPS) inverter, and the SolarEdge SE3500 with Storedge device for integrating LV batteries like the Tesla Powerwall and others.

This is one of the many training rooms that students on his courses utilise to build systems. All these systems are the work of previous courses.

2 thoughts on “What’s new in the training room

  1. Hello Glen
    I’m look at attending a standalone course do you run accredited courses in this field

    All the Best for the Festive Season

    1. Hi Brant, No we don’t run CEC Accreditation courses. The courses at the Smart Energy Lab are non-accredited industry training. Those who attend generally want the skills and knowledge, not just a piece of paper. Glen

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